BREAKING NEWS: First cataract surgeries performed March 9, 2015...(watch video)

Our donations are based on one eye per patient due to the fact that not every patient is in need of procedures for both eyes.

we would never have gotten off the ground.

* Donations will be receipted through Mission of Sight, a registered 501-c3 non profit Corporation based in Marion, Ohio, USA.   Please provide the name of the donor, and in the memo of your check note the project or minsitry that you want the funds to support.   Mission of Sight will insure that you receive a tax deductible giving receipt for your personal records. 

It's hard to imagine Jamaica without Mission of Sight, but if it was not for the generosity of so many that have given, MOS and the Gamertsfelder Mission Center would never have become a reality.  Your support helps us continue to provide the best care to those we serve.  Through your giving, those that once were blind are able to see.

Without your generosity...