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Volunteer teams are the heartbeat of our Mission to Jamaica.  Over the decades, teams have helped to build buildings, establish teams, perform surgeries, conduct ministry and so much more.  We welcome you and your team to help make a difference for the people of Jamaica.   This page offers you all the resources you need to plan, conduct and celebrate your trip.

Typical Budget

Lodging | $22.00 per person per night        
Accommodations at the Nazarene Mission House in Frome, Jamaica

Costs cover:

  • Utilities, cleaning & upkeep of the facility·       

  • There are 12 large rooms.   

  • The maximum sleeping capacity is 40+

  • Each Air Conditioned room generally has 2 double beds (sleeping 4 persons), a private bathroom.       

Transportation | $140 per person       
Includes airport transfers and optional excursions·       

  • Travel time from Montego Bay to Frome is approximately 1.5 hours      

  • Negril Beach is approximately 40 minutes

  • YS Falls is about 1.5 hours from Frome

Food | up to $21 per day / per person 

 - dependent upon catered meal options      

It is the decision of every team to decide how they want to prepare their food, whether it is prepared by the team themselves or by the Mission House cooks.  All or any number of meals can be catered by the Mission House. Below are the catered meal prices. You may choose none, one, two, or three catered meals.  This is a nice option for those teams who want to experience culinary culture.


  • Breakfast--$5.00 per person per meal

  • Lunch-----$6.50 per person per meal

  • Dinner----$9.50 per person per meal      


You will be able to find many (not all) of the same food items in Jamaica as you do in the US.   If you are budgeting to cook for yourselves, please keep in mind that the same food we purchase in a US grocery store will likely be at least  1 ½ times more when purchased in a Jamaican supermarket.  With that in mind, you may want to carry most of your food that is non-perishable with you on the plane to keep your budget low. You will be able to purchase perishable items at the supermarket, such as milk, bread, juice, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Airfare | $500-$650 per person 

 - dependent on airline and time of year 

Destination is Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)

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