BREAKING NEWS: First cataract surgeries performed March 9, 2015...(watch video)

Dr. Gamertsfelder and the newly completed GMC.

Dr. Gamertsfelder performs the first eye exam

Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder

Dr. Paul Gamertsfelder started Men in Missions in 1974.  Men in Missions was changed to Work & Witness in 1984, and has been the catalyst for more than 150,000 Nazarenes having hands-on experiences on mission fields throughout the world.  This building is named for this very special servant and his life's work in the field of optometry is carried on inside its walls.  Construction began in early 2008 by Work & Witness teams from across the country.  This 10,000 square foot clinic & daycare center was completed in 2013.


The very first cataract and glaucoma surgeries were performed on March 9, 2015 by a team of amazing physicians from the US joined together with the team from Frome, Jamaica.  96 Cataract surgeries were performed with spectacular results.